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Car & Bicycle 

We have put together a complete overview of providers of bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories under this category, but also cars, car materials and car rentals can be found here. It is virtually impossible nowadays to imagine an Australia without cars and bikes as the main ways of transportation, so it is handy to have all the information you may require in this category in one clear overview. This is where you will find a complete selection of all providers and their catalogues and offers from these catalogues, and it allows you to view all the different stores’ promotions and special offers before making a purchase anywhere. There will always be some store with a special promotion, which means you will quickly save yourself spending dozens up to hundreds of dollars!

Nowadays there is a plethora of bike shops; predominantly franchises that are part of an overarching organisation. Think of Bike Force Australia, Bike Fix Mobile and 99 Bikes. These bicycle shops have physical shop locations, where you can go for excellent service, bicycle maintenance and personal advice when you are planning to buy a bicycle. A new trend is the online sale of bicycles. Years ago this would have been unheard of, but nowadays more and more bicycles are sold online via online bike shops such as and The advantage of these web shops is that they can offer their bikes at very sharp prices. The bike is ordered online and often delivered to your home, ready to use. In some cases the bike is delivered to a bicycle shop near you, where it will be mounted and adjusted to comply with any special requests you may have made, so that you can get on your bike immediately at the time of pick up! 

Car catalogues and brochures 

Pretty much all car manufacturers, such as Chrystler Australia, Ford Australia, British Leyland, Volvo or Kia, bring out new models on a regular basis. To be able to present these to you, the customer, they often publish nice, extensive catalogues and brochures, displaying all of their models and their many special offers and discounts that apply. This way you can already be informed at home, to see whether your preferred model is in, what the price is and what the financing options are. The partaking car dealers are usually mentioned in these brochures too, so that you can go have a look at the model in question, or you can take it for a test drive. This way you don’t have to travel several unnecessary kilometres driving from showroom to showroom, but you will be fully informed even before leaving the house. 

Our site is also the “Go To” for car parts such as tyres and exhaust pipes. We publish catalogues of Australia’s leading tyre and vehicle part stores such as Beaurepaires, SuperCheap Auto and Exhaust Australia Wide, with the most recent offers for tyres and exhausts. But also W.O.F. and maintenance tariffs can be found in these catalogues. Easily accessible at any time from home or from the office, from your computer or laptop, or somewhere on the way from your smartphone via the app. 

Car rental

Do you plan to go on a holiday soon, and you plan on renting a car at your holiday destination? Again, it would be a good idea to check the special deals on our website. There are special promotions regularly, where you can save between 10 and 20% off the total price. So by booking a rental car during a special promotion you can save yourself a lot of money.

Frequently asked questions about Cars & Bikes

What can I find in the Cars & Bikes category?

In the category Cars & Bikes you can find great offers and promotions such as Repco Oil Filters, Maxi Trac Led Globes & Armorall Matte Finish Protectant. Check the entire page to find out more. There is definitely something to pique your interest!

Which stores can I go to for everything that has to do with Cars & Bikes?

In stores such as SuperCheap Auto, Tyrepower, Burson Auto Parts you can find promotions such as Repco Oil Filters, Maxi Trac Led Globes & Armorall Matte Finish Protectant. On this page you can find more stores in the 'Cars & Bikes' category.

Where can I find Cars & Bikes leaflets and promotions?

To find Cars & Bikes leaflets with current promotions and offers, click on a store of your choice, for example SuperCheap Auto, Tyrepower, Burson Auto Parts, or look at 'offers'. View all Cars & Bikes leaflets from Australia on!

What are the best Cars & Bikes offers at the moment?

Currently, Repco Oil Filters, Maxi Trac Led Globes & Armorall Matte Finish Protectant are the best Cars & Bikes offers. You can find even more interesting promotions at SuperCheap Auto, Tyrepower, Burson Auto Parts and other stores on our website.

Do I need a discount code for Cars & Bikes promotions?

You only need a discount code for Cars & Bikes promotions if the store or webshop asks for it. More information can be found on the website of your favourite Cars & Bikes store.

Where can I find a product within the Cars & Bikes category at the lowest price?

The lowest price of a product within the Cars & Bikes category can be found in a catalogue or brochure of one of the Cars & Bikes stores on this page. Take a quick look at this week's leaflet and don't miss out on that spectacular promotion!

Under which category will I find offers such as 'Repco Oil Filters, Maxi Trac Led Globes & Armorall Matte Finish Protectant'?

To find offers and promotions such as Repco Oil Filters, Maxi Trac Led Globes & Armorall Matte Finish Protectant, click on the Cars & Bikes category. On this page you will find all Cars & Bikes catalogues and offers that are currently valid.

I would like to surprise my partner, what are the current Cars & Bikes promotions?

So, you'd like to surprise your partner? We know, it's not always easy to find a nice gift. Check the leaflets above to find Cars & Bikes promotions and offers. Your partner will be over the moon ;)

Why can't I find the store I'm looking for under Cars & Bikes?

If you can't find the store you're looking for under Cars & Bikes, we may have placed your favourite store in a different category. In the search bar you can enter the name of the store. Still nothing? Then we may not have found any promotions or offers for your favourite store yet.

I'm looking for a Cars & Bikes promotion, but can't find it under Cars & Bikes?

If you're looking for a Cars & Bikes promotion, but can't find it under Cars & Bikes, we may have placed this promotion under a different category. Enter the name of the product at the top of the search bar. Still nothing? Contact us and we'll see if it is possible to put the promotion online!

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