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Back to School offers and deals

Back to School is the period just before the big summer break comes to an end; when the majority of students go do their shopping in preparation of the new school year that lies ahead. Most retailers, such as Walmart and the Reject shop, anticipate this well in advance and offer special deals and discounts on school accessories in the weeks just before the holiday period is over. Some of them even publish a specific Back to School catalogue that is dedicated to this category alone. 

Back to School catalogues and brochures

These so called Back to School folders are often made available as soon as the previous school year has ended, and they are valid until just after the new school year has kicked off. These brochures such as the Warehouse brochure not only boast stationery items such as pens, markers, school diaries and note books, but they also offer more expensive items such as laptops, tablets and printers. Because don’t you want to buy the best school laptop at the best possible price? To get an overview of all these Back to School catalogues, we have placed them all under one category called “Back to School”. This way you won’t have to miss out on any special deals and you and your children can take advantage of all the specials and discounts that are certainly welcomed at the start of the new school year!

Ordering from our Back to School brochures online

Because many students might be away on a holiday during the school holidays, it might be easier to just order your school supplies online, hassle free. Most shops, such as Target and Big W, have a web shop where you can place your orders 24/7, from the home, the car, or even overseas! All you need is an internet connection. Then there’s also the major internet stores such as the Online Stationery Store or Fishpond that offer special deals that may be of interest to you. Therefore, have a browse through all of these brochures and prepare yourself for the new school year!